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Are Permanent Cosmetics Permanent?

Technically, permanent cosmetic procedures are considered permanent because the color is implanted into the dermal layer. Fading can and often does occur requiring periodic maintenance.

What is healing like?

There will be mild swelling of the area you have pigmented for 24-36 hours. Eyes will look like you had been crying. Brows will look slightly darker with hardly any swelling. Lips will look as if you had collagen injections (puffy or full). The color will be darker for 4-5 days. You will see a light flaking of color revealing the permanent color under the skin which is a softer tone of the initially applied color.

Is it safe?

Very few, if any, people have allergic reactions to iron oxide pigments. Iron oxide is in most cosmetics, however, regular cosmetics have many other ingredients that can cause reactions. If you can wear conventional cosmetics, you have nothing to worry about. If you have problems with makeup, we will do a patch allergy test with the iron oxide pigment prior to scheduling a procedure for you. All needles and supplies used for the procedure are disposable single use only.

What if I change my mind afterwards?

These procedures are permanent. However, you can alter almost any small change in either color or placement of color with a second procedure, which is included within 2-4 weeks following the initial application. We recommend always selecting soft, natural colors and styles so that you always have a prettier face, yet you can still add your own makeup should you desire a more dramatic look for evening or special occasions.

Is it comfortable?

These procedures are of a skin invasive nature and therefore you may experience some mild discomfort. We use a topical anesthetic preparation to dull the sensation. Each individual will experience a different level of sensitivity, however many describe the procedure application as a vibrating or tickling feeling. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being painful), most women give it a 2 or 3. The results are well worth the minimal time the procedure takes.

How long does it take?

The initial procedure will generally take approximately 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours at the most. If a follow up procedure is needed, it will take about one hour, about half the time of the initial procedure.

What are the costs for permanent makeup?

The average cost per procedure varies somewhat, but usually averaging between $365-$475 depending on the area being pigmented and the desired amount of color requested. The cost of the procedure should not be the most important issue when consulting a technician. The skill and experience of the technician is extremely important as your face is your image and you would want the best results you can get. This is not the time to hunt for a bargain as you will get what you pay for.

What happens as I get older?

The colors will slowly fade over time. We strongly recommend using a sun block of at least 30 SPF on the areas you have pigmented. The advantage to the slow fading is that as you age you may want the color to be softer than what you had a few years back. If desired, you can come in for enhancement. You will still have color as the pigment will always be there, only softer.

How is Permanent Makeup done?

There are several methods and machines on the market to apply the permanent makeup pigments to the skin. More important than the machine is the artistic ability of the technician and their ability to enhance features naturally to stimulate soft cosmetics and never look harsh. Maggie uses a digital machine for precise placement of color.

We first cleanse the area and then we draw on the shape of the area to be pigmented with make-up pencils so that the individual is part of the decision making process of how much color and exactly where it will be placed. We then lightly apply pigment to the shape we have drawn and start building up the color until we have reached the desired results. We build the permanent make-up together to make sure it is exactly the way you want your make-up to look.

There are several techniques used depending on the individual's preference in results. The permanent makeup options are anything from a soft, feathery enhancement to a more dramatic make up look

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